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About Got Value Nation Tribe

Hi, I’m Alechia Reese, the lead transformation coach for Got Value Nation, powered by RGLP Group. It’s truly my honor and privilege to guide high-functioning executives, high-impact entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders in the intentional development and design of fulfilling lives and expansive careers.

It is not enough to be a professional success, but a personal mess.


Our focus on resilience, retention, and advancement through our proprietary CAR Method — Clarity, Action, & Reinforcement is implemented within our 12 Component Pathway to Transformation (PTT) System.

Each month, our modules focus on one of the components in our PTT System:

  • Introspection 
  • Joy
  • Vision 
  • Strategy
  • Focus
  • Intention
  • Action
  • Commitment 
  • Evaluation  
  • Connection
  • Expansion 
  • Direction 
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Got Value? Nation Tribe

With on-demand trainings, personal growth tools and resources, transformative group coaching sessions, and access to global thought leaders and coaches we outline, define, align, and strategize together.

By the end of the program, our leaders are able to:

  • Establish strategies to delegate and reduce burnout 
  • Articulate and align skills and personal purpose to organizational objectives
  • Develop and employ strong communication skills in various situations 
  • Identify & implement key joy principles to bolster mental & emotional wellbeing
  • Implement mindset-shifting tools to thrive through uncertainty & change  
  • Build confidence and belonging through a supportive community

What's in the #GNVTribe Coaching Program?

Innovative Framework. Practical Application.

In life, many of us are taught we must choose:

Success or fulfillment. Money or peace. Progress or happiness.

In #GVNTribe, not only do we know Personal + Professional Success is possible; but, we have crafted proprietary transformative programming that shows our members how to create lives that not only look good, but feel good too.

With training focused on 3 key areas - life, love & business.

Each activity is uniquely crafted to guide leaders in the intentional development and design of a fulfilling life and expansive career.


Growth Tools

Tangible, applicable, and comprehensive weekly tools designed to unleash your personal best, deepen your intrinsic understanding, and revolutionize the way you live and create your life 

Transformative Group Coaching Sessions

Working together we review the monthly workbook trainings, prompts, and activities leveraging the live Q&A portal 

Access to Global Thought Leaders

Through intimate in-person experiences and live virtual events global change makers lend their brilliance to aid in our collective growth 



Action-based, intentional trainings with a digital workbook packed with key resources, practical tools and steps, and expansive assignments 

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2 Months FREE with Annual Membership


What Can You Achieve When Your Personal Life Feels As Good As Your Professional Success?

“Being a professional success, but a personal mess is no way to live.” 

If you’re anything like the members in our tribe you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. We promise, there is a better way.  But, it requires you to take accountability, action, and assessment.

Our programming is developed specifically for high-functioning executives, high-impact entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders who excel professionally, but struggle personally. We don’t do fluff. We’re clear on our mission and execute accordingly with transformation as our core tenet.

Being fulfilled in all areas of our lives is no longer for the lucky few.

Transformation begins by:

  • Identifying who you are beyond your role, responsibilities, and requirements 
  • Clarifying how you want your life to feel and creating tools to work through challenging experiences
  • Defining goals, milestones and boundaries to create pathways to succeed
  • Aligning the work you do with your personal mission and vision
  • Developing, analyzing, and adjusting your action plan to produce your desired results


Gaining Clarity. Taking Action. Living Purposefully.

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Alechia is a FORCE for transformation and an impact-driver of good. She owns every room she steps into, and shares her light with so much grace and generosity that everyone walks away brighter as well. Alechia has powered our platform as both a speaker and course instructor, and our members have shared that because of her wisdom and instruction, they have conquered their fear of public speaking, and carved out a clearer path toward their professional goals and purpose. She is a gifted storyteller, blending the art of speaking vulnerably from her heart and experience, with the actionable encouragement of a coach and mentor. With both foresight and spontaneity, Alechia is always prepared, gives 110%, and knows how to turn curveballs into homeruns. 

Catherine Kwan, Director of Community & Content, Kahilla


Meet the Lead Coach

Alechia Reese is equal parts warm tea and Hennessy. Transformation coach, international speaker & host, she’s the principal for RGLP Group, co-founder of Tru3 Yoga Agency, and co-host of the Triggered AF & Got Value? Podcasts. She transformed her life from domestic violence victim to thriver building multiple lucrative brands. She now shows executives and marginalized emerging leaders how to leverage their personal and professional value to increase impact and decrease burnout. Her strategies guide leaders in building strong and strategic professional relationships that lead to upwardly mobile careers, expansive businesses, and lives that not only look good, but feel good. She’s worked with and has spoken for a myriad of organizations and leaders from the entertainment stage to the corporate boardroom including Zendaya Coleman and Soledad O'Brien to UPS, Verizon, Bank of America, Vogue Italia, Essence, Buzzfeed, and more.

Group Coaching Access for Every Level

Join a tribe of leaders who are dedicated to living and building impactful lives where professional success and personal fulfillment are aligned intentionally.  We provide every member with the tools to define, articulate, and live in and on purpose.

No matter how many awards you hold, promotions you’ve landed, or goals you’ve achieved — none of it matters if you’re not fulfilled.

We all have value, and understanding how your skills, know-how, and innate talent feeds your purpose and drives your mission is one of the greatest discoveries of your life. You no longer have to accept what doesn't work for you.

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Starter Coach

  • Weekly on-demand training videos
  • Digital training workbook
  • Monthly 2-hr group coaching session w/ live Q&A
  • Free access to Got Value? Nation community
  • Semi-annual live mastermind weekend invitation
  • Monthly 60-min book club group meeting (10 books annually provided)
  • Monthly live Got Value? Podcast interview virtual access with Q&A


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Expansive Coach

  • Weekly on-demand training videos
  • Digital training workbook
  • Monthly 2-hr group coaching session w/ live Q&A
  • Free access to Got Value? Nation community
  • Semi-annual live mastermind weekend invitation
  • Monthly 60-min book club group meeting (10 books annually provided)
  • Monthly live Got Value? Podcast interview virtual access with Q&A


“She came, she saw, she conquered. Alechia spoke at the 3rd Annual Bank of America/NABA NY Celebrating Diversity Power Women's Breakfast. In line with Bank of America's Courageous Conversations, Alechia Reese brought many to tears and many more to laughter with the awe-inspiring story of her personal  journey. Her story came with the blueprint to finding individual purpose. We all left questioning what our purposes were!” 

- Egwu Nwankpah, CPA, Vice President, Bank of America

“Transformative! If asked to use only one word to describe the impact Alechia had on our attendees as the keynote for The TBBJ BizWomen Summit, transformative would be it! Beyond simple empowerment, Alechia equipped our attendees with real-world, applicable tools to make strides in their business, careers, and relationships that day. One attendee even left with a job opportunity that day. Alechia and her message are simply - TRANSFORMATIVE!”

- Bridgette Bello, Tampa Bay Business Journal

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